3 year warranty against manufacturer defects or defective materials

Grow By Led ApS grants his customers, after the purchaser┬┤s two year statutory warranty rights, an additional warranty for 12 months on Grow By Led lights.

In the event of the warranty applying, Grow By Led ApS will repair or replace, at its option, the defective product without any costs for customer. Two years after purchase, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs. The customer is responsible for paying for return shipping prior to the product being shipped back to him/her.

After 3 years, Grow By Led ApS will offer repair services or parts as long as parts are available; the cost of repairs, parts and shipping are the sole responsibility of the customer.

The warranty starts from the date of original purchase by the customer.

The warranty applies for Europe only and this guarantee does not affect the purchaser’s statutory warranty rights.

Free shipping in the first two years after purchase applies only to EU-countries, Switzerland and Norway.

Warranty limitations and exclusions:

Warranty does not cover:

– Damage caused by improper handling, or

-normal wear and tear, which includes but is not limited to 5% or less of LEDs not lighting, or

– improper installation or incorrect supply voltage, or

– force majeure (lightning, fire, flood, etc.),or

– damage caused by improper use, or by modification of product, or

– housings that have been opened.

In the event of warranty applying, describe the problem as detailed as possible and send us an email to: info@GrowByLed.com

Send your Grow By Led light along with a proof of purchase via standard shipping method to:

Grow By Led ApS

Stenildhoejdalen 27 9600 Aars Denmark

Tlf. +45 86 800 222