This lamp is ideal for all phases of plant growth and flowering. It works well with water solution culture, soil culture and hydroponics. Can be used in industrial greenhouse cultivation, in-house gardening, pot culture, farming, flower growth, cannabis growth, bonsai, hydroponics cultivation, rose growth, water soluble breeding, pipeline cultivation, sowing, seeding or growing stems, blooming, fruiting and breeding plant, football grass plant, etc.


- 3-5 times more power than the HPSL light, while saving up to 80% more electric energy than the traditional HPSL and MHL lights, and at same time producing much more yield per Watt.

- Extreme high lighting effect: 90% of light will be absorbed by the plant. (the traditional HPSL and MHL lighting effects are typically only 8% - 10%).

- The red and blue colour switches ensure you being prefectly capable of meeting the plants needs during vegging mode and blooming mode. Includes IR.

- Cooling system: Aluminum shell/frame mounted with a minimum noise (quiet) fan.

- The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants needs and environments. The same applies to the parameter.

- Patented product, reaching UL GS standard.

- Environmentally friendly, no mercury and other harmful heavy metals. All materials meet RoHS and CE requirements.

- Light transmittance of the lens of up to 93%

- Perfect combination of 3 and 30-Watt diodes, resulting in the improvement of up to 30% PAR Value, which is better than other LED Grow lights on the market.

- Aluminum shell: Good heat dissipation, lower temperature, extends the lifespan, meets UL GS standards.

- 2 channels, dimmable lights, 1 timer with controller display.

- Choose between the automatic mode or manual mode.

NOTE: Integrated 4-channel computer adjustable growth programming, with timer and remote control unit.

Par value:


Actual Watt



365 X 365X 65 mm


6,3 kg

LED Output Power

6 x 30w + 88 x 3w


90 degree


2 x double roller fan


50.000 hours


CE, RoHS and FCC

Shell material



3 years warranty


1 x LED Light 1 x 1.5m Power line 1 x Hanging Kit 1 x Remote control